Our Services


Armadale Academy, EH48 3LY
Tel: 07985 763 377
Email: armadale@simplyplay.org
Collects from: Armadale, Eastertoun, St Anthony’s, Southdale & Blackridge

East Calder

Main Street, East Calder, EH53 0EP
Tel: 01506 880 473
Email: eastcalder@simplyplay.org
Collects from: East Calder, St Paul’s, Kirknewton Primaries and the new Calderwood Primary


Murieston Village Hall, EH54 9HZI
Tel: 07901 543 387 or 01506 438682
Email: murieston@simplyplay.org
Collects from: Bellsquarry, Williamston, Dedridge, St Ninian’s, Carmondean & St John Ogilvie Primaries

Wester Inch

Simpson Primary, Bathgate, EH48 2SG
Tel: 07713 488 039
Email: westerinch@simplyplay.org
Collects from: Simpson, St Mary’s, Windyknowe & Balbardie Primaries

Wonder Woods Outdoor Nursery

Tor Whitie, Harburn, West Calder, EH55 8RF
Tel: 07753 471951
Email: wonderwoods@simplyplay.org