Programme & Activities

Boy with painted faceHere is our latest info for new starts.

Term-time activities and programmes will vary by site and be designed by the staff and children to take advantage of local resources, opportunities and children’s choices.

Following a play agenda there will be a wide range of play opportunities on offer covering a range of play types.  We promote regular outdoor activities (in all weathers) and support managed risk. This aims to ensure that, by participating in diverse play opportunities, children will continue to develop their social, communication, creative, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.


Holiday programmes will also be devised in the above way but will be advertised in advance, to allow for informed choice of bookings. Daytrips and outings will feature more in holiday programmes and these may involve an additional cost, which will also be advertised in advance.

Trips are however subject to change, from time to time, depending on weather conditions, etc.  A continuous cycle of regular feedback and evaluation will be used to inform planning.